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﷯ Playtime ﷯ Giving Out/In the Garden City ﷯ ABC Francais/English ﷯ ABC English/Po Polsku ﷯ Mass Producers CD ﷯ Mass Producers Vinyl LP ﷯ Transitions CD ﷯ Five Shadows CD ﷯ Liverpool Shadows CD ﷯ Now We Are One Two CD ﷯ Resonance Magazine and CD ﷯ LAST1 LAST2 CD ﷯ March CD Shop ﷯
﷯ Playtime, by Kraabel/Weston/Sanders 2009 CD featuring Veryan Weston (piano) and Mark Sanders (drums) with Caroline Kraabel. As-live studio recordings featuring improvisations as well as composed song-melodies with improvised accompaniment and arrangements. Mixed by John Edwards. “An unusual free improvisation trio, for Caroline Kraabel sings almost as much as she plays saxophone, and I’m not talking about vocalisation. She sings actual songs, in both French and English. Her approach to melody is somewhat akin to Dagmar Krause’s. And that agrees very well with the very English type of free improvisation performed by Mark Sanders (drums) and Veryan Weston (piano) – the latter is used to improvising in song mode, thanks to his long-standing association with Phil Minton. A fine record, surprising and slightly destabilising.” Francois Couture, Monsieur Délire
 • Price: £7.50 plus Royal Mail postage (£1.50 for one CD, £2.00 for two)
﷯ Giving Out/In the Garden City A 2009 double CD, each disc of which features an improvising duo: Caroline Kraabel/Susan Alcorn (pedal steel guitar) on Giving Out, and Caroline Kraabel/Annie Lewandowski (prepared piano) on In the Garden City. “This double CD documents two duo collaborations that mean a lot to me, but that take place relatively infrequently, because Annie Lewandowski (Ithaca NY) and Susan Alcorn (Baltimore MD) live in the USA, while I live in London, UK. Both of them are exceptionally sensitive and inspiring improvisers, and I take every opportunity to play with either of them. A while ago, Annie and Susan each visited the UK briefly, and these two recording sessions were organised to document our meetings. In both cases, everything that was played is included on the CD, in the order in which it was played.” • Price: £12.50 plus Royal Mail postage (£1.50 for one CD, £2.00 for two) ﷯ ABC Francais/English By Caroline Kraabel, illustrations and design by Massimo Miola. Gant? Glove! A bilingual alphabet book, 15 cm square, printed on lightweight card. For anyone who loves words. ABC English/Po Polsku By Caroline Kraabel and Marek Tuszynski. Illustrations by Abraham Christie, 
design by Massimo Miola. Kopniak? Kick! A bilingual alphabet book, 15 cm square, printed on lightweight card. For anyone who loves words. Price: £5.50 per book, plus Royal Mail postage (£2.00 for one book, £2.50 for two) ﷯ Mass Producers CD Performances for Large Saxophone Ensemble 1 and 2 Binaural recordings made at Gateway studio of two pieces by Caroline Kraabel 
for twenty saxophones/voices. These pieces were made to be played while surrounding the listeners and moving around them. Unique photogram in each cover. • Price: £7.50 plus postage (£1.50 for one CD, £2.00 for two) ﷯ Mass Producers Vinyl LP Performances for Large Saxophone Ensemble 3 and 4 Binaural recordings made at Gateway studio of two pieces by Caroline Kraabel, 
one for twenty saxophones and voices (designed to be played in a tunnel or corridor), 
and one for ten saxophones plus Maggie Nicols (voice). Pressed on heavy-duty virgin vinyl, with hand-made felt sleeve. • Price: £15.00 plus Royal Mail postage (£3.00)
Transitions CD by Kraabel/Hug/Nicols Improvising trio with Maggie Nicols (voice) and Charlotte Hug (viola/voice). Sometimes an exploration of the alto register. CD recorded by Martin Davidson at Conway Hall, London. SOLD OUT  ﷯ Five Shadows CD by Kraabel/Weston Duo CD with Veryan Weston (piano). Live location recordings in which the varied acoustic spaces (BMIC’s tiny room, vast churches and sticky clubs) play along with the music. SOLD OUT ﷯ Liverpool Shadows CD by Kraabel/Hargreaves Duo CD with Phil Hargreaves (saxes, flute). Recordings made in many and varied acoustic spaces in Liverpool, from an anechoic chamber to the Mersey Tunnels, and then edited and cross-faded into an acoustic portrait of the place and the players. • Price: £10.00 plus Royal Mail postage (£1.50)  ﷯ Now We Are One Two CD The CD version of Caroline Kraabel’s solo show of the same name, which toured across Europe and North America and featured saxophone and song, but also giant sheets of newspaper, fake blood and flowers, live tape-recording and replay, poetry, dance and 10 metres of red silk. Each CD had a handmade latex and silver-paper cover. SOLD OUT ﷯ Resonance Magazine and CD, issue 10.2; Locality and Reproduction. Caroline Kraabel edited this edition of the LMC (London Musicians Collective) magazine, interviewing John Butcher, John Tilbury and Joe Banks/disinformation, and commissioning work (music, articles and a film) from Susan Alcorn, Michael Chanan, Chris Cutler, Evan Eisenberg, Phil England, Sylvia Hallett, Sachiko M, Evan Parker, Matt Wand, Sarah Washington, Robert Wyatt and many others. The subject area is the interaction of music with place and technology and the ramifications (physical, ecological, theoretical) of this. Susan Alcorn’s article won a Da Capo prize for best music writing. • Price: £7.50 plus Royal Mail postage (£1.50)
LAST1 LAST2 CD CD Released on the EMANEM label, featuring live large-group and quartet versions of Kraabel’s piece LAST, for improvisers with occasional interjections from the pre-recorded voice of Robert Wyatt singing a song composed by Kraabel for this purpose. Musicians' profits from sales of this CD will go to two NGOs working with migrants in northern France, Care4Calais and Utopia56. • Price £10.00 plus Royal Mail postage £1.50
MARCH CD Summer 2019 sees the release of MARCH, 
a duo CD featuring Caroline Kraabel with Neil Metcalfe (flute), recorded (in March) 
with great care and finesse by Philipp Wachsmann and lightly mixed by John Edwards. 
The entire session is on the CD in the order in which it was played. • £10.00 plus £1.50 postage